Xi'an Zhengan Environmental Technolgy Co., Ltd.



Introduction of Xi’an Zhengan Environmental Technolgy Co., Ltd.

      西安环境技术有限公司是专业从事新型制冷压缩机、新型制冷系统、流体机械及能源动力类设备研究开发的科技创新型公司,目前是球形压缩机、微型球形压缩机、二氧化碳球形膨胀压缩机、球形空气压缩机压机及球形泵类机械知识产权的拥有者。拥有多项国内外发明专利,并且在应用研究方面取得多项成果。以上技术的核心是“陕西省首届十大发明人”王陆一先生发明的球形变容积机构理论,这种机构是一种全新三维空间机构,拥有完全独立的理论体系及知识产权体系。依据该理论可设计出多种效率高、振动小、结构简单、可靠性高的普通制冷压缩机、微型制冷压缩机、二氧化碳膨胀压缩机、汽车空调压缩机、膨胀机、空气压缩机及泵类设备,尤其是能设计出高效率的 超微型动力机械,例如可设计出外径只有15mm左右的制冷压缩机。我们愿与相关行业的企业、研究院所、大学及专业人士合作,共同开拓这种球形变容积机构更多的应用领域,满足社会更高更新的需求,并为节能减排事业做贡献。

     Xi’an Zhengan Environmental Technolgy Co., Ltd. specifically engaged in R&D of new cold compressor, new cooling system, fluid machinery and energy power equipment, now owns intellectual property rights of spherical compressor, micro-spherical compressor, CO2 spherical expansion compressor, spherical air compressor and spherical pump machine. We have obtained many domestic and overseas invention patents, but also made various achievements in the application research.

     The above technologies are based on the theory of spherical variable volume mechanism (the core) devised by Wang Luyi who ranks “First Session Top 10 Inventors of Shaanxi Province”. As a brand-new 3D spatial structure, this mechanism has entirely independent theoretical system and intellectual property right system. According to the theory, many high-efficiency, small-vibration, simple-structure and high-reliability ordinary cold compressor, micro-cold compressor, CO2 spherical expansion compressor, automobile air conditioning compressor, expander, air compressor and pump machine, especially efficient supermicro power machinery, are all designed. For example, cold compressor with outer dia. as small as 15mm is designed.

      All relevant industrial enterprises, institutes, universities and professionals are welcome to cooperate with us to jointly open up application of the spherical variable volume mechanism so as to satisfy social requirements for higher and newer products and make contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction!